Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cup Of Tears

Why does the Cup of Tears trailer look more interesting than Ninja Assassin?


Racicot said...

Too right.

Ironically CUP OF TEARS looks Asian produced, with a Western Hero - and NINJA ASSASSIN is H'Wood produced, with a Japanese Hero.

I'd go for the Historical Story over contemporary any day.

P.S. noticed your Werewolf Tweets. Watched Eric Red's BAD MOON last night - Werewolf Uncle vs. the Family Dog... Muriel Hemingway is great in it!

Checkout - we've got a discussion going on about the best Werewolf (comic) series' available. My username is I_Eat_The_Ass. ;D

All in good fun.

screamwriter said...

I'll give it try.


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