Saturday, October 31, 2009

Contest Alert!

Act I: ION Television Movie Contest

Enter “Act I: The ION Television Movie Contest” and submit your original idea for a dramatic TV movie. One winner will receive $40,000 and a development deal with ION Television. Up to 25 finalists have the opportunity to earn a first-look deal with ION.

Ideally, the ideas submitted by entrants will be for a two-hour made-for-TV movie that could potentially serve as a pilot for launching an hour-long drama procedural TV series.

We are looking for procedural dramas meant for mature audiences. The ideal script would have a strong central character or team of characters and a plot that focuses on the introduction, investigation, and solution of a central problem or mystery. An ending that leaves the door open to further stories or sequels involving some or all of the same characters is recommended.

In the TV realm, CSI, Law & Order, and House are perhaps the best known examples of procedurals. There are also TV movie series that fit this definition well: The Jesse Stone movies, the Movies of the Week featuring Columbo, etc.

While many procedurals focus on crime, law, or medicine, stories set in any field are encouraged, so long as they allow for an examination of the procedures by which the central problem or mystery is overcome.

Within this dramatic movie genre, there can certainly be comic themes, characters or tones so long as the procedural element is prominent.

To enter, submit a treatment describing your idea (5-10 pages) and the first act of the script (15-40 pages).

Scripts must be entered by uploading them in a PDF format on the NYTVF upload page or via Withoutabox (please read the upload guidelines on the Withoutabox submission form-- file requirements differ). For more information on how to convert documents into PDF format, Click here.

The submission period will open on October 26 and will close at 12:00 noon Eastern on January 15, 2010.

All submissions must be uploaded during this time period, without exception. The contest will stop accepting entries if this period elapses or if it receives 1,500 valid entries, whichever comes first.

Television isn't my focus anymore, just too hard to break in, but the prize money here is more than worth the gamble. The gears are already turning... mature audiences... procedural... think I've got an angle. I'm not crazy about the short window -- not enough time for heavy procrastinating, but worse case scenario: there's another spec script on my pile.

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