Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been spending so much time on Twitter, I think my blog got jello (I'm in the middle of "Jennifer's Body") and rejected the slick template that I installed last month. From now on, I'll stick with my own designs, so the basic black will be around until I can whip up something. So what else is new? Contemplating on another screenwriting contest. Kind of wish I had entered Austin or Page -- even the tiniest bit of validation wouldn't hurt at this point. Probably going with trackingb. Good odds and a chance at representation.

Still putting together a list of production companies to query. I'm waiting on the results from another contest, so no big rush. Gives me more time to work on the query letter -- putting together a little something extra. I know it's a Hail Mary, but I'm also going to query a few managers that rep actors, see if I can get some talent attached to the script.


Ali said...

I liked your blog background. The Ouija board was different.


screamwriter said...

Maybe I'll bring it back.


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