Friday, July 17, 2009


Recently read the script for this upcoming thriller about a couple that adopts a little girl with a BIG SECRET. Not much to discuss without giving away the BIG SECRET, which isn't too hard to figure out, but I can say that "Orphan" manages to push some effective buttons along the way. Plays on a lot of parental fears. The sight of kids doing bad things will have some folks squirming in their seats.

I do think the story hinges too much on the twist. Once we discover the BIG SECRET -- through a rather boring piece of exposition -- there's a mad dash to wrap everything up in a neat little bow (ha-ha). It's a cool idea that'll make you go, 'Why didn't I think of that?' "Orphan" could go either way at the box office -- will definitely be a classic on cable. The release date suggests that the studio thinks its a winner. Really curious to see if it clicks with audiences, especially Moms.

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