Friday, April 17, 2009


I could've saved myself a lot of time by copying my rant about “Jumper” and pasting it here. Another case of “cart before the horse” syndrome. Overly complicated story, too many characters, lots of exposition and the futile tease of a sequel. We’ve seen this premise countless times: the big, bad government chasing average folk with special abilities -- someone ought to try that as a TV series. Wait…

The Hong Kong setting makes for a fresh backdrop and Chris Evans is fine as the lead, but the effects were kinda cheesy -- you can't do "X-Men" on a 35 million dollar budget. Not a bad film, just too ambitious.

I blame “The Matrix”. Before that came along and made a bajillion dollars, sci-fi thrillers were much simpler. Nothing wrong with an ending that leaves the door open for a sequel, but not to the point where the script references characters we barely see or fully understand their motivations. Bigger isn’t always better. Neither is denser. Something to keep in mind when writing. Gonna read the script over the weekend.

A remake of “Firestarter” with Dakota Fanning probably would have gotten more bang for its buck.

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