Sunday, April 19, 2009


Entertaining sci-fi action flick. Spaceman Jim Caviezel crashes to earth and teams up with some Vikings in order to catch the “dragon” that killed his family. Kind of Predatorish, but fun. They milk the “monster in the shadows” for the first hour, then the pace picks up. Ron Perlman pops in briefly from a rival clan to bash heads. Love interest Sophia Myles has some cool girl power moments and is instrumental in the final action sequence. Overall, the action was fine -- not “300“ level, but acceptable. Certain parts of the story were more than a bit predictable. Wish they had shot the earlier version, where the creature talks.

With a wider release, I think “Outlander” could have pulled in numbers close to what “Pathfinder” did in 2007, 30 million. Doesn’t quite break even when you have a 50 million dollar budget, but heck of a lot better than $166,003 from 81 theaters. Maybe it’s one of those tax write offs that were once popular with German investors. Oh well, there’s always life on DVD and cable.

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