Sunday, April 05, 2009


Been a long time coming. Last week of tweaking the werewolf spec before sending it off to contest land. I've settled on the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship and Screamfest. Thought about entering Austin or Scriptapalooza as well, but that money might be more useful elsewhere -- like in my pocket! It's way too easy to catch contest fever and wind up with very little to show for it.

Missed the “Life on Mars” series finale, but the spoiler over on "" makes me glad I did. Sounds ridiculous. Hope the folks behind “Lost” are paying attention. I wish “Life” and “Sarah Connor Chronicles” had more time to wrap things up, be prepared for their respective season -- most likely series -- finales to contain loose ends.

Still watching “Dollhouse”, not exactly sure why. I no longer drink the Whedon flavored Kool-Aid in mass quantities… maybe the occasional sip or two.

The new “Cupid” was okay, not as good as the original -- ratings weren‘t that hot either. Didn’t see a lot of chemistry between the two leads. Bobby Cannavale has a tough act to follow after Jeremy Piven.


K J Gillenwater said...

The "life on mars" ending was so bad as to be ridiculous. I mean truly truly horrendous. I was insulted. I'm not sure how they managed to write such a good show every week...and then end up with THAT as an ending?? Why they felt the need to change what worked so well in the BBC version is beyond my understanding.

Also, the death of Derek on "Sarah Connor Chronicles" also ticked me off. It was out of nowhere, left many many things unresolved, and was just...ARGH. Maddening. But yet on some comment places I see viewers praising them for such a gutsy move. WHAT? They killed off one of the most interesting characters for no reason that I can see. In the most random and pointless way.

This was not a good TV week for me, as you can see.

screamwriter said...

It's unlikely the show will return next season, so they're probably trying to go out with a bang. The week before, it was Charley. Giving Derek a dramatic death scene would have been a much safer choice, so I have to give the writers credit for taking a chance -- even though it was unsatisfying for a lot of viewers. I'm guessing Ellison will be the next.

I remember reading that the US "Mars" writers didn't want to duplicate the BBC ending from the get-go... guess they wanted to put their own stamp on it.

K J Gillenwater said...

Yes, I can understand if the show is not coming back, they want to tie up loose ends...but that was done in the worst way possible. Oh well, at least "Supernatural" was brilliant last week. :-)

screamwriter said...

After all these years, "Supernatural" is finally getting some press. The cast and crew are featured in the current Entertaintment Weekly. Sounds like they only want to do one more season.

In case you forgot, "Fringe" is back tonight.


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