Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fringe: Ability

Great episode last night. There are times when it feels like the writers have been digging through some discarded “Alias” scripts, but I think the overall quality of the show has improved since it came back from the break -- and now we have to wait until April for new episodes?


K J Gillenwater said...

I agree, this was the first good ep since the show came back from the holidays. The January episodes and last week's were truly awful and didn't have the signature 'Fringe' quality that I look for - Peter/Walter interaction.

I really couldn't care less about Olivia really, with the exception of her strange relationship with dead boyfriend. Don't like the sister they dragged into the story (where was mention of any sister during the ep about her evil stepfather who still sends her b'day cards?), don't like the former boss she helped put in jail, etc.

So it was nice to have them go back to basics: more Peter/Walter! And some Astrid. Love her!

I don't get why we have to wait until APRIL for more? I guess b/c of stupid American Idol? Thanks.

screamwriter said...

The preemption is probably an Idol thing.

Ditto on the sister addition. Seems like the writers are exploring various avenues to create an ongoing conflict. As far as Agent Scott goes, I'm not sure if it's the actress or the character that's the problem.

K J Gillenwater said...

Who is 'Agent Scott'? Is that Astrid? I'm bad with names.

screamwriter said...

A bit of brain lock there. I was thinking about Olivia's mostly dead boyfriend, Agent John Scott -- played by Mark Valley. He was just cast in the "Human Target" pilot for Fox.
I meant to refer to Anna Torv and her portrayal of Agent Olivia Dunham.

K J Gillenwater said...

Ah, I see. I thought you were referring to another female agent.

I have noticed that Anna Torv is better when her character is more like a supporting character than the main focus of the show. I'm not sure why that is. Also, she does less well when she is supposed to be 'bad ass' and standing up against someone or something. It just doesn't ring true for me.

I'd rather have her spend more time with Walter, Peter, and Astrid rather than hang out in her office building. Oh, and I like that partner dude of hers...the hispanic guy...and Massive Dynamic's creepy Blair Brown.

She does better asking questions and knocking on doors, bringing the answers back to the group at the lab.

Also, I sensed they were headed in some strange romantic direction with Peter and Olivia's sister, which would just be too too weird. I'd rather have this very tiny bit of attraction between Peter and Olivia going on...if only she deserved his attention.

screamwriter said...

Is it wrong to think the writers should have merged Olivia and Peter into one character? Sometimes it seems like they're not sure what to do with him. Overall, I think the cast has good chemistry.


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