Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Day

There were a bunch of things that I was trying to accomplish before the new year, but my laptop had other ideas -- I’ve been trying to drag it, kicking and screaming into 2009. Luckily, the really important stuff was already backed up. My blog entries might be a little sporadic this month.

One of my goals in 2008 was to finish a script -- ole lappy screwed that one up, should be done by tomorrow. For 2009, I’m aiming for multiple scripts. I have some low-budget ideas that I’ve starting fleshing out. The plan is to be more proactive in the second half of the year: contests, e-mail querying, cold calls, etc. Good luck to everyone in ‘09!

BTW, in totally Prince related news, Vanity turned 50 yesterday. Damn, I feel old!

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