Sunday, November 23, 2008

Underworld Prequel

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I’m guessing there’ll be other posters, this one is kinda... meh. Still, with the phenomenal success of “Twilight” over the weekend -- 70.5 million, expect to see more vampire flicks. I’m not a big believer in chasing trends, it’s fool’s gold. What’s hot now, might not be so hot 6-8 months from now.


kgillenwater said...

I agree with your 'chasing trends' theory. Besides, that would be stupid. "Twilight" was so successful b/c fans of the books are rabid fans. It came with a built-in audience.

It would behoove the movie types to think about how to recreate the elements of that movie that were good and fashion a new movie from those ideas. For example...forbidden teen love. Just think up another paranormal situation for a forbidden teen romance, and you'd probably do fine.

But, sadly, you are right. We are going to get a million and on teen vampire flicks in the upcoming years.

screamwriter said...

And a few tv shows.


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