Sunday, October 19, 2008

New V series?

Old news by now, but the thought of a new “V” series brings back a lot of memories --mostly of the hot alien leader, Diana. After “Invasion” and “Threshold” flopped, I’m not exactly sure how they can pull this off. The revamped “Battlestar Galactica” is a “hit” for the Sci-Fi Channel, but it would get killed on one of the big three networks. There’d probably be a major attempt to make things more “realistic”, but cheese was a major part of the show’s charm. Who could forget the hybrid birth? Twins!


Kristin said...

My sister & I were die hard "V" fans. I remember Freddy Krueger when he was just a nice alien guy trying to blend in and be human...but then he turned all scary!

I would be more than happy to welcome this show back to the airwaves. The special effects would be SO much better, and if they went for dark rather than camp, I do think it could work.

I am not sure why sci fi gets such a bad rap. But I met many women in college (this was late 80s/early 90s) who had never seen the 'Star Wars' trilogy and didn't want to. "I don't like science fiction."

It was sad.

screamwriter said...

I think a lot of that has changed over the years. Sci-fi/fantasy’s popularity among women is probably at an all time high -- the Sci-Fi channel has more female than male viewers -- but it will always speak to a niche audience.

The average viewer/moviegoer wants simple escapism, not complex fantasy worlds with lots of rules and backstory to remember. The challenge is to find that common ground.

Kristin said...

This is why "The Chronicles of Riddick" failed so miserably. They tried to build this whole sci fi society...almost Dune-like. But dang if the whole movie wasn't Judy Dench doing a heck of a lot of back story explaining. BORING.

That's good to hear about women being big Sci Fi Channel fans. You're right, I suppose times have changed.

However, I know there are still women out there who don't 'do' sci fi. Not sure why.

When "V" comes back, I'll be all over it! Especially since this is the last season for BSG. We fans need a replacement!

screamwriter said...

I read somewhere that the new show involves a woman who works for a homeland security-type organization and has a troubled teen... doesn't blow my socks off, but we'll see...


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