Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life On Mars

Never saw the U.K. version, so I didn’t know what to expect, but this turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I have to say, the marketing was a bit off. The commercials were all about the 70s and bad fashion, instead of focusing on the characters and their relationships -- which is really odd since the show follows “Grey’s Anatomy”. In my mind, a man trying to save his girlfriend from a killer, should be the heart of the story -- the stuck-in-the-70s stuff is just window dressing. I think audiences/viewers like to be asked questions. What if you had an affair with the wrong person? What if someone kidnapped your child/spouse? What if you only had days to live?

‘What if some major disaster separated you from your family?’, probably gets more traction than, ‘What if a giant, radioactive dinosaur woke up and started devouring the city?’ If you can put the audience in the shoes of your protagonist, especially with genre stuff, that’s half the battle.


Kristin said...

I kinda liked the retro commercials. But you are right, they didn't tell you much about the show beyond him waking up in the 70s.

I saw the BBC version (fantastic. a must watch.), and I'm hoping they can keep the same feel, it had very funny moments mixed in with creepy/weird stuff.

I love Michael Imperioli's copious amounts of hair/facial hair. Is that all his? And Harvey Keitel is perfect as the cop-in-charge. Not all that sold on Gretchen Mol yet, but I'm hoping she'll grow into her character.

screamwriter said...

Some folks think Harvey is a little too old for the part. I thought he was just fine.

Everyone raves about the BBC version, I'll have to check it out after the season ends.

Kristin said...

oh, you MUST watch it. And at least you know it has a beginning, middle, and end. I wish more American shows would take that risk.

Wasn't "Prison Break" supposed to be a short series with an end (like 2 seasons?), but FOX wanted more eps because of its popularity.

Anyway, just curious to see, if this show makes it beyond this season, how they will handle it.

Were you as bummed as I was that there was no "Sarah Connor" this week? I had to make due with "Heroes," which I was going to cut from my Season Pass for being so ridiculously bad this year....

screamwriter said...

I see sharks in the water circling the "Sarah Connor Chronicles". Don't think it'll survive the season.

You're right about "Prison Break". Fox saw the dollar signs. I hear the show is huge overseas.

"Life on Mars" is going to be a challenge with our longer seasons. Hopefully, they've mapped things out to some degree.


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