Monday, October 20, 2008

Heroes: Dying of the Light

All in all, tonight's episode wasn't that bad. Robert Forster makes a great heavy. Nice touches of comedy with Hiro and Ando in Africa. We even got a decent fight scene between Peter and Sylar. After a rought start, it feels like things are slowly coming together. BTW, Claire Bennet's superhero name should be: The Possum!


Kristin said...

Too late. I decided Monday, before I even watched the episode, that I was chucking it.

As I was watching the scenes from last week, I thought, why am I wasting my time with this?

Season Pass, goodbye.

It felt very good, actually.

screamwriter said...

I can't argue with anything you said. "Heroes" has become pretty hard to defend.

MNKY said...

For me, Heroes has hit an all time low. They seem to be "recycling" ideas and the characters are turning into jokes.

The whole "let's make the good guys the bad guys and the bad guys the good guys" is pathetic.

But despite this, out of curiosity and my talent for watching anything, i still find my self watching this week to week.

Maybe it's because of the babes...only time will tell.

Peace out


screamwriter said...

The new Entertainment Weekly has a great cover story on this topic.


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