Saturday, September 20, 2008

Max Payne

Just finished reading the script. Yet another video game adaptation -- that I’m not familiar with. The trailer gives off a strong “Constantine” vibe, to the point where folks are confounded by what appears to be a supernatural element that isn’t present in the game. The plot is pretty basic: burnt-out cop investigating the murder of his family, becomes the prime suspect in a series of bizarre killings.

I was scratching my head for the first 25-30 pages. Almost gave up on it, but things start to make sense after a while. Good action. Kind of a throwback to those one-man-army action flicks from the 80s -- with some trippy visuals for today’s cgi hungry audiences. The third act is especially ambitious. Really curious to see how it comes off -- we’re talking PG-13 here. Will gamers accept some of the “interpretations” and the tame rating?

Sight unseen, I think they got the wrong Mila for this. Milla Jovovich would make a far more convincing Russian Mob Princess than Mila Kunis. I don’t know about Ludacris either. Still, nobody’s gonna confuse “Max Payne” with “King Lear”. Not a lot of deep thoughts here, but the visual eye candy promises to make up for all that.

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