Friday, August 01, 2008

Skin and Bones

Finally aired. I’m gonna have to re-read the script to catch any changes. The director did a good job of capturing the creepy atmosphere in the teleplay. The implied gore was handled well. Doug Jones was great. My only quibble would be... the lack of a strong ending.


Rashad Ferguson said...

Rereading the script here as well Scream. I must say I enjoyed the episode actually the last three or four episodes Fear Itself have been a lot better to me or maybe or I lowered my expectations.

As for the ending does its lack of strength stem from how fast the script had to be written or something else? Even so under such a tight deadline what parts of script may suffer?

BTW this is slowly becoming one of favorite blogs…

Kristin said...

There was an issue with putting this episode in modern day. If a man were truly to stumble out of the woods after 10 days and look that bad, he would have been taken to the hospital. No logical explanation was given as to why we was recuperating at home, even though he was severely malnourished and had what looked like frostbite on his fingers.

This would have been better if it had taken place before 1910 or so.

The ending was a dud. At least all the others had some sort of 'twist' or attempt at a dark ending. This one was just generic...bad guy gets it.

The body prep and cooking was pretty gnarly. Plus, the wife having to eat some of it to keep the guy distracted.

I don't get why the brother was wearing the leg brace thing. Was that an excuse as to why he wasn't the one out in the woods???

screamwriter said...


The deadline was a factor, but I’m not sure if they were going for a twist ending in the first place. The episode felt like a pared down feature. Maybe that was the goal. BTW, I appreciate the compliment.


You’re right about the time period. Hadn’t thought about it until now. Also, it’s very clear in the script that the younger brother is mentally challenged, but less so in the episode. Didn’t really matter, much like his uncle/real dad’s brace.


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