Friday, August 01, 2008

Dead Monster Washes Ashore

Dead Monster Washes Ashore In Montauk

If you can't turn this into a script, then just give up already!

UPDATE: I post #storystarters on twitter these days.


Mikey HorrorBuff said...

ooh gruesome..i'm inspired...i am an asporing screamwrite...i mean screenwrite myself. I just added your feed! It's great! I have been searching for a good horror blog and came across yours. I have a blog as well
you can check it out, but yours is great! Mikey Horrorbuff

Mikey HorrorBuff said...

Sorry about the typos...i accidentally hit publish before i edited....great site once again...I am stoked about Underworld 3 and I agree with you about X Files:I Want To Believe

screamwriter said...

Hey Mikey,
Thanks. Will check out your blog.


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