Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Dark Knight

Just finished reading the screenplay off simplyscripts. Almost wish I hadn’t seen the movie first -- it’s always fun to see if the image in your head matches up with the finished product. The script definitely delivers. I’ve said it before, I like approaching a story with the idea that every character believes they’re the hero. The script/film is full of these “spotlight moments”: Alfred’s speech about the bandit, Rachel standing up to the Joker, Lucious dealing with the blackmailer, etc. Good stuff. Check it out if you haven't already.

This is easily the best comic book film ever. “The Dark Knight” has raised the bar so high, I’m not sure where the next crop of comic book films can go. Good luck with that darker "Wonder Woman" and “Superman” reboot. And if Chris Nolan wants Cher as Catwoman or even Gary Coleman as the Penguin, get out the way and let the man do whatever he wants!


The Moviequill said...

they are revamping Superman, starting the franchise over and bringing it "darker" too

screamwriter said...

Singer had a good idea, but ruined it with a campy Luthor and the super kid sub-plot. I would have gone about it like this: After his five year journey and finding only the remnants of Krypton, Kal-El heads back to his adopted planet, unaware that a fragment of Brainiac attached itself to his ship. He returns to earth and saves Lois from the shuttle mishap. Headlines all over the world declare his return. The President wants to meet with him. Superman goes to the White House and is introduced to the President, Lex Luthor!

President Luthor embraces Superman and professes to being a changed man. He used his superior intellect to develop technology that solved global famine, climate change, the energy crisis, etc. Who needs Superman when you have Lex? Stores can’t keep Lex Luthor action figures, video games and comic books in stock. He’s a rock star! One day, a group of school children are taking a tour of the White House. All the kids have some kind of Luthor paraphernalia, except a dorky kid in a dingy Superman t-shirt. Lex loses it! He can’t stand to share even a little bit of the spotlight. Back at the Fortess of Solitude, Brainiac assimilates knowledge about Ka-El's time on earth as it rebuilds itself. Meanwhile, Clark/Superman try to fit into this new world where they’re more hinderance than help. He's a fish out of water all over again. I’d stick with the married Lois Lane sub-plot, minus the kid. Eventually, Lex teams up with a fully restored Brainiac to destroy the Man of Steel.

I don’t like the idea of a dark Superman reboot at all. The J.J. Abrams script had a few dark moments -- e.g. young Clark saves Ma Kent from a potential rapist by beating him to a pulp and it makes him fear his powers. That’s an interesting angle, but I fear it’ll be something on the level where Superman will have the black and silver suit, pitted against some cartoony, cgi villain.


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