Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Year's Day

"Fear Itself" finally had the twist ending that we’ve been expecting. Sort of. A lame twist is probably better than no twist at all, but this was a bit of a reach. Nothing like the power of zombie love, huh? Still, a better effort than previous eps.

This episode had a strong “Cloverfield” vibe, right down to the shaky cam in the moments of extreme terror.

BTW, why does Christian Slater's new show, "My Own Worst Enemy", remind me a lot of the BBC's "Jekyll"?


Kristin said...

This had the best ending by far. The flashback to her freaky zombie phone calls were very cool. I liked it overall.

While watching, I wanted to know why the old man said that she was responsible for this. I just didn't realize *that* would be the answer.

I liked that she found zombie love in the end with geek zombie.

screamwriter said...

Did you notice that all his victims posed a threat to her?

Anonymous said...

I have to say I didn't like the ending at all. To me,the rest of the story no longer made sense with that ending.
Maybe I just didn't understand correctly.
She was a zombie all along and didn't realize it until the very end?
All the other zombies, except her, are mindless eating machines? She still has the ability blank out her new unique taste in food?

I also felt there were too many flashbacks, it broke up the pace of the story too much.

Kristin said...

I thought she *was* eating people. That scene in the elevator with the body gave the appearance of her having had a little snack on her ride down to the garage.

But you are right, Scream, geek boy *did* "protect" her in a zombie way.

Anyway, I was pretty pleased with it. It made me want to go back and rewatch some parts.

The only question I had was...did she really kill herself? I mean, did she become zombie because she was exposed to something or because someone bit her? That was the only gap I noticed.

screamwriter said...

Some clues aren't obvious on the first viewing. They basically took "The Sixth Sense" and replaced a ghost with a zombie.

The scene in the elevator was pushing it -- very misleading.

In the flashback, her pet tarantula died, but it was moving around in the present. Must have been something in the air.

Kristin said...

Oh, yes, the dead tarantula. Thanks for reminding me of that.

I just think the whole idea of a zombie thinking she's normal and believing all of her actions are normal was really cool.


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