Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Even though I spent a significant amount of my weekend watching Prince videos and procrastinating, I did get my head out the Paisley Park haze long enough to check out the BBC’s “Jekyll” on DVD. It’s an updated version of the classic tale and features some brilliant writing by Steven Moffat -- who also deserves props for his work on "Dr. Who". “Jekyll” manages to be dark, scary and funny, all at the same time. Haven’t taken a good look at the DVD extras but there seems to be a decent amount. I’m sure it won’t be long before some network swoops down and tries to “adapt” it for American audiences.


Rashad Ferguson said...

Jekyll was an excellent series though the last two episdoes appeared to be rushed or something. Overall I enjoyed the series and for Neo's sakes I hope that it is not adapted for here over in the states. For it would end being the same ole same crap of an excellent pilot followed by two or three solid episodes then fourteen episodes if it even runs that long of pure drivel.

Networks TV leave Jekyll alone... and HBO or Showtime would turn it into a light porn or something!!!

screamwriter said...

A lot of folks are dreading ABC's “Life On Mars” for the exact reasons you stated. I honestly think “Jekyll” would be a big hit in its first season -- after some “minor” tweaks -- then start to implode like the second season of “Heroes”.


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