Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amsterdam Finale

Kind of went out with a whimper Monday night. The ratings weren’t that hot, 12th place, hard to say if it’ll be back next season. I read somewhere the show has a lot of time-shifted viewers, maybe Fox will take that into consideration -- yeah, right.


Kristin said...

I will admit. The last two eps of this show sat on my TiVO for a long time...and I still haven't finished watching the last one. That tells you how much this show has fallen in my eyes. The storyline with the doc really ruined it for me. I'm not sure what they were thinking, actually.

She was an empty character. The attraction between them was non-existent. And I wasn't quite sure what in the heck I was supposed to think of her...I was hoping the last ep. would clear that up, but sounds like it didn't.

I will miss Coster-Waldau, but not the show. Too bad.

screamwriter said...

To be fair, 8 episodes probably wasn't sufficient time for the writers to flesh out Sara and John's relationship.


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