Friday, February 29, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight

Chris Nolan’s upcoming Batman film gets an animated prequel to the sequel that bridges the gap between “Batman Begins” and the “Dark Knight”. Cool way to generate buzz. The “Matrix” movies, “Van Helsing” and “Chronicles of Riddick” have all gone this route in the past. “Blade Trinity” tried something similar with its deluxe edition soundtrack. A little manga comic in the CD booklet, music CD and a bonus DVD that featured a three minute, Flash-Anime. Only problem was that the extra content had nothing to do with the (awful) film -- just eye candy. It’s surprising there isn’t more promotional material bundled with soundtracks, seems like a sure-fire way to attract casual moviegoers who are also music fans but then again, CD sales aren’t what they used to be...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Story Starters

Ancient "devil frog" may have eaten baby dinosaurs

Jessica Alba attacked by ghost

Machines 'to match man by 2029'

Man killed while trying to run over gal-pal on Valentine's Day

Three severed right feet wash ashore on the Gulf Islands

Woman wakes up from coma as her funeral is being planned


That Asian horror movie remake train just keeps chugging along at full steam. I’m gonna have to make a list of all the projects in development because it’s becoming incredibly difficult to keep track of them. “Shutter” is a film I knew almost nothing about until I caught the original on the Sundance Channel’s Asia Extreme. Basically, the plot goes something like this: a photographer and his girlfriend are involved in a hit and run accident and are subsequently haunted by the ghost of their victim -- via his photographs. Sounds straightforward enough, until they go back to the scene of the crime and discover there’s little evidence to support the idea that they hit anyone. An extra helping of creepiness is added when some of their friends start committing suicide. This sounds way more interesting than the actual execution but it’s a pretty decent supernatural thriller. It’s anyone’s guess if the remake will be any good. As I’ve said before, these films are far from perfect but they approach the genre in a way that a lot of our films don’t anymore. Less emphasis on the MTV quick cut, Boo-Ha! moments and more on building suspense and trying to creep you out. I’m hoping to bring that sensibility to my “Supernatural” spec, which is still in the chicken scratch stage at this point.

Knight Rider 08

My eyes! My ears! I read somewhere that the script was written in twelve days!?! My eyes! My ears! Looked more like a two hour Ford infomercial than anything else. There is no plot. I repeat, there is no plot. Loved the attempts at being hip and edgy: Mike in bed with not one, but two babes! The hot Federal Agent is a love ‘em and leave ‘em lesbian! And Mike, guess who’s your daddy? The Hoff cameo at the funeral almost redeemed a ton cheese and bad acting -- too bad we didn’t get a throwback Kitt cameo. Val Kilmer walks away the most unscathed because he doesn’t appear on screen. How can you have a “Knight Rider” movie and no Turbo Boost!? This has to be right up there with the "Bionic Reunion” movies and “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk”. NBC, put the archives down and slowly back way.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bad Moon

Looks like “The Wolf Man” remake dodged a silver bullet. After Mark Romanek left the project, there was talk that he’d be replaced by Brett Ratner, which sent many a fanboy up in arms. Universal just hasn't been able to capture the spirit of their classic monster movies. Anyway, it turns out the Rat man won’t be directing but Joe “The Rocketeer” Johnston. Interesting choice. I would’ve gone with Guillermo Del Toro or Francis Lawrence.
On my own personal werewolf front, I’m probably gonna dive in the screenwriting contest pool again. I still think that contests are a disadvantage for folks with genre scripts but without a deadline, I’m too inclined to drag my feet on this one.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Took me a while, but I finally stopped drinking the DHARMA Kool-Aid. I caught the rebroadcast of the “Lost” season premiere last night and it did absolutely nothing for me. Sat stone-faced throughout the whole thing. I haven’t gotten around to checking out “Eli Stone” though -- which reminds me an awful lot of Fox’s short-lived “Wonderfalls” -- but from a distance, it looks spec worthy.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Eye Sore

There wasn’t a tremendous amount of buzz about “The Eye” -- not to me anyway, but you would’ve expected it to perform well, based on the Jessica Alba brand alone.... grossed only 13 million over the weekend, second to the beast that is Miley Cyrus. “One Missed Call”, a movie with far less star power, had a 12.5 million opening weekend. Go figure...


Friday, February 01, 2008


Sarah Michelle Gellar in yet *another* Asian thriller/horror remake? Haven’t seen the original “Addicted” but “Possession” has something to do with a woman’s brother-in-law waking up from a coma and claiming to be her husband -- who’s also in a coma. Reminds me a little bit of Nicole Kidman’s “Birth”.


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