Sunday, January 20, 2008

Story Starters

Between 150 and 200 real-life superheroes operate in the United States

Haunted TV for sale

Humans crave violence just like sex

Idaho man cuts off and microwaves hand

Man blames car wreck on prehistoric winged reptile

Mystery man's annual visit to Poe grave

Sighting of legendary river mermaid in Western Cape

Two mysterious stone heads found in park

Wife sees dead husband begging


Edward Ott said...

When i was in school i use to love such writing exercises.

Script Demon said...

Yo, Screamwriter!

How's it hanging, dude?

Remember me? Vince DC from Screenplay Demons?

Appreciate you keeping the link up on your side bar.

Blog was dead for a while but I sure am singing away now. Drop by for a visit if you're curious. I think I need the company.

Bonus from all this shit, I'm writing like a bat out of hell! Cheaper than a shrink I'll tell ya.

Take care.

Kristin said...

Here's another good one:

Kristin said...

Dang! It cut the link. Here's a tiny URL instead:

screamwriter said...

It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Script Demon,
Welcome back to the fold!

Good one!


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