Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back in Black


Is this thing on?

Now where was I again? Oh yeah, that whole script writing thing... Got the bad news from Scriptapalooza TV last week. I can deal with not winning, but the part where I don’t place at all, highly frustrating. It’s like having your horse in the Kentucky Derby keel over as soon as the gate swings open. And it’s not like I started all of this yesterday. If my screenwriting career was a dog, it’d be middle aged at this point! I mean, with the dozens of quarter-finalists and semi-finalists that placed, doubt starts to creep in. Inevitably, the inner voice starts to go, “Am I William Hunging it?” You just have to remind the voice that contests are subjective and the best thing to do is move on. During my little hiatus, I was able to plug some of the gaping holes in the werewolf spec, which is couple weeks away from being okay. I also watched a bunch of movies and read some produced scripts that I’ll be getting into shortly.


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