Sunday, July 31, 2005

"(insert crisis here) on a plane"

What's with all these upcoming thriller/horror flicks set on an airplane? We've got Wes Craven's soon to be released "Red Eye", Jodie Foster in "Flight Plan", Samuel Jackson and Ben McKenzie trapped on a plane with venomous snakes in "Pacific Air 121" and there's a zombie flick, "Flight of the Dead". What gives? Maybe Hollywood is trying to tap into our post 9/11 fears about flying?

"The Forgotten"

Just caught this on STARZ! last night. Probably would have worked better as an "Outer Limits" or "Twilight Zone" episode. Julianne Moore was great though. She brought a certain level of credibility to Telly, but lots of chases and a really cool special effect, does not make a great movie. I guess my problem with "The Forgotten" is that very early on, it's pretty clear who is behind the conspiracy so all that's left is to stick around to find out why. The answer isn't very satisfying (I haven't seen the alternate ending on the DVD). Still, it's interesting how they were able to take a fear that runs through every parent's mind and create a mostly successful thriller out of it. Apparently, they're doing it again in "Flight Plan". Speaking of which....

"Bloodsuckers" on SCIFI

It's pretty easy to dismiss this kind of flick, but it has an audience and somebody got a check for writing it. I'm a sucker (pun intended) for a good b-movie and it was obviously "inspired" by a lot of sci-fi classics. While "Bloodsuckers" isn't on the level of my favorite space vampire flick, "Lifeforce", it gets a couple of cool points for throwing in Michael Ironside as a vampire baddie. There's definately an art to churning out these movies and it's as good as anyplace to get a foot into the business. My problem is that can't whip up scripts quickly (I am getting better at it though) because I tend to overthink my ideas.

"Point Pleasant" coming to DVD

If only this show were as cool as the box. Whoa, did it ever underwhelm. "Point Pleasant" seemed like a dynamite idea on paper, a hot chick washes up on the shore of a small town and spooky things happen. Turns out that the hot chick is actually Satan's daughter! And get this, her name is Christina! She's got Jesus' other name! With "Buffy" producer Marti Noxon behind the scenes, you'd expect it to rock, right?Wrong. You see, Satan's daughter is trying to fight the evil and be good. Whaaa? I'm not a huge fan of mustache-twirling villains in black but it really would have worked here. Imagine Christina as the anti-"Joan of Arcadia", just running around wreaking havoc in said small town. Instead we the get the cliche of the whoa-is-me-I-have-superpowers character. I get enough of that on "Smallville". To be fair, Christina probably succumbs to her dark side, the show just didn't stick around long enough for that to happen. All thirteen (unlucky) episdoes will be available on DVD around Halloween (zoinks).

Thursday, July 28, 2005

ABC's "Nightstalker" series

There's a review for the new "Nightstalker" series posted on the I'm not sure what to expect with this modern take on Karl Kolchak. It's got great eye candy in Gabrielle Union and Stuart Townsend, plus "X-Files" executive producer Frank Spotnitz. Growing up, "The Nightstalker" was one of my favorites. It's hard to believe those cheesy monsters used to scare the bejesus out of me like they did. I hope Sponitz is able to capture the spirit of the original show and not have it come off as a bad "X-Files" clone. You have to wonder how much faith ABC has in the show when they're putting it on Thursday nights against the juggernaut known as "C.S.I." on CBS. Their other paranormal show, "Invasion", gets Wednesdays at 10pm, right after the new 9pm timeslot for "Lost". Anyway, here's the link to the review:

Edited on 10/13/05:

Click the link to read my review of the pilot.


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